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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I'd let Sheryl Crowe touch ME, and I'm GAY

At first I didn't think much of the news that broke Sunday afternoon that Laurie David and Sheryl Crowe caused a bit of a stir at the annual Correspondent's Dinner. For one thing, that dinner is only interesting if Colbert is nailing those jackasses to the wall. For another thing, I just assumed that Crowe and David used Rove as so much PR backdrop in order to promote their global warming awareness tour. Lord knows that jackass has chewed and spit out countless poor souls to further his twisted agenda, who cares if he comes off looking like even more of an evil bastard at some jerk off dinner to honor the steno pool that is our Washington press corp.

But Glenn Greenwald had more of a novel take. This whole incident kind of shines a light on the whole sorry bunch. Journalists dressing up in black tie to hobnob with the powerful and famous (Sanjaya was there?) to make themselves feel important. The fig leaf of journalistic integrity they meekly hold forth whenever called on how they get everything wrong wrong wrong suddenly just drops once a year and you see these people for who they are. Pathetic celebrity wanna-bes. Desperate to be close to people who have power, who have fame. To curry their favor and advocate for their wars.

Those who cross the line like Crowe and David are ridiculed. As Glenn says:

These journalists and political operatives excitedly invite Hollywood celebrities to their parties so they can feel celebrated and glamorous, and then spend the next day condescendingly mocking the celebrities they invited and spent all night eagerly fondling, all in order to feel superior and elevated above the muck ("ha, ha -- as though Sheryl Crow (whom we invited and chased around hoping to speak with) knows anything about global warming or other Important Political Things! Ha ha!").

I haven't forgotten about blogging the Middle East as I indicated in last week's post. I just got a new camcorder and went to the zoo to try it out. I'm now editing the whole thing with iMovie, which is probably the coolest thing (in a long line of things) that Mac users get that you PC users don't. I'll get on the Middle East in a bit.....don't want to OD on outrage or anything.


Blogger Whippersnapper said...

Oh Tank, have you gone and left us again? Come back! Come back!

Perhaps you're busy figuring out the whole Middle East thing, as you said you were going to be doing. Check out Noam Chomsky's Fateful Triangle. Very good, very insightful.


11:21 PM  

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