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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Its official - outrage overload

As any frequent reader of this blog could attest (and if there are any out there after my very infrequent posting, uh...welcome back?) I have a short fuse. Lord knows the lack of anything resembling any semblance of intelligence in our "leadership", our politics, our journalism, and our discourse has been pretty in our face for the last six years or so. Hence Angry Little Tank was born.

Then I discovered this guy. Talk about depressing. I don't think the internet has ever had a talent quite like Glenn Greenwald. He's able to articulate his rage and call out these assholes in a way that nobody else has been able to in my lifetime. I'm not exaggerating. Do your brain a favor and read him every day.

I wrestled with the idea of closing this blog down in light of his recent higher profile gig at Salon. Then I said, you know what? Fuck that. There's plenty of rage to go around. I could riff off the jackasses in my neighborhood and never cease to amuse myself. Work is a goldmine of idiocy as well, waiting for sardonic skewering in blog form.

And who says I can't dip my toe in political rage in blog form as well? Hell in the six weeks or so since I last graced the blogosphere we've learned of Gonzales' Justice Department firing US attorneys who weren't sufficiently partisan, our wounded soliders recuperating in rat infested hellholes, Democratic inability to end this stupid fucking war, and the continuing decline of American journalism.

But what has inspired me to vent my spleen this evning?

Garrison Fucking Keillor. David Rakoff skewers this jackass rightly. Its one thing to hear some Republican mock gay marriage. They've been obsessed with gay sex since firmly shutting their closet door and turning on the AM radio. But an NPR darling who has been married three times telling us that we have no right to be together? Fuck you asshole.

I never thought that cornball Lake Wobegone shit was funny. In fact I thought his whole shctick was creepy. Now I know why.

Its been said a thousand times before, but more frequent blogging going forward. Seriously.


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