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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Better know a douchebag

Not content to simply portray weakness and indecision to the point where the public doesn't know what Democrats stand for, it seems as though the Democratic "leaders" we've been suffering under since the early 90's are now concerned with Stephen Colbert.

I only WISH I was joking.

Rahm Emmanuel is the very same douchebag that urged Democrats to get behind Bush in 2003 when real debate on this stupid war was needed. Rahm Emmanuel is the very same douchebag who cheerled this war long after it was evident to even our sycophantic press that everything was going downhill (like so many people, not Democrats mind you, said it would). Rahm Emmanuel is the very same douchebag who ridiculed Howard Dean's 50 state strategy that made efforts to reach out to people in each corner of this nation, as if people in Alabama aren't worth our time or effort. He comes from the Joe Lieberman school of kissing the ass of every GOP pundit in the hopes of currying their favor.

And now this guy is urging all Democratic congressmen to avoid going on Colbert's show? Yeah because God knows having our leaders on one of the hippest shows on TV can only hurt at this point, right? The reason given is as condescending as it is stupid, this jackass thinks people won't realize that having congressmen talk about cocaine or elminating species from the planet won't be seen as a joke.

Its long past time we got rid of people like this. They think we're idiots and they treat us accordingly. If we're going to get out of this mess we find ourselves in, people like Rahm Emmanuel need to be ignored. Completely. I sincerely hope this segment on Stephen's show becomes more popular than ever after this.


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