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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Will no one play with my Wii?

36 year old emotionally stunted gay man seeks other like minded individuals for long saturday afternoons handling my Wiimote. Feel free to bring your own peripherals as I'm extremely open minded. Interests include androgynous anti-heros, homoerotic JRPG side quests, and Guitar Hero. Bass players step to the front of the line.

Also looking for gay only Wii handlers to participate in my unique vision of a Mii gay parade. Prizes will be awarded for gayest virtual costume as well as most sexy and sexiest Mii bear.

If anybody has any idea what I'm talking about.....holla?


Anonymous J.Cruz said...

You are one sick bitch! I think I might get a Wii with my tax refund...we'll see...there's all that credit card debt that should probably be paid off first.

10:44 PM  
Blogger Angry Little Tank said...

At $250 a pop, you can't afford NOT to get a Wii. Just sayin...

I vascillate between the gaming perfection that is Twilight Princess and the aggravating old schoolitude of Super Castlevania IV. Super Mario Brothers taunts me from the depths of 1985 as well...

Join us brother

11:08 PM  
Anonymous dolly said...

*rolls eyes*

nice to see that you are in a better mood than the last post, dearie.

11:14 PM  
Anonymous Matty G said...

I'd love to come over and play with your wii...just say when! call me or something :-)

10:41 PM  

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