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Monday, January 01, 2007

Looking ahead

Well here we go with our newest year - 2007. Its so cliche to take stock at this time of year, but really how can you not? What happened in 2006 of note for me?

I finally received CPA certification after passing my test a while back. It involved basically scrounging my old company for any kind of attestation work I could find and then convincing my former boss to sign off on it, but after an interview in April I received my certificate in June. A milestone of sorts and a firm reminder that at the age of 36 I will most likely remain an accountant for some time to come. At least the money is decent.

To continue on the work related theme, I finally ditched the job I hated and got a new one in the consulting field. While I loved my old boss, I was bored out of mind surfing the internet the entire day. I guess that's what happens when you have a staff of four CPA's performing Sarbanes/Oxley related work for a company that was sold and no longer public. As 404 control identifications take a backseat, you become more and more obsolete. It wasn't a good feeling and I'm glad I'm out of the situation. While I certainly don't see myself doing consulting forever, it will allow me to get experience I never would have seen at the old place and it started my salary climb to something closer to market rates. Could be worse

If you're still awake after all that, we could take a look at the home front

After a very enjoyable ski weekend last February I was excited to start spring rugby practice thinking the knee injury I received last fall was all healed. In fact that was not the case.

The entire year was basically spent on the sidelines doing treasury related work for the team while wondering how in the hell I would be able to take four weeks off work to get the needed operation to fix it. Never really figured that out and the new job in September put the entire thing on hold.

So rugby is on hold for a while...but I did have fun with it while it lasted. I had a blast at Bingham Cup.

Thom and I celebrated five years together this fall. I couldn't be happier.

We managed to have a nice vacation in August, going to visit my mother in Florida and then flying up to Provincetown for a nice four day sojourn. Like everything else that seemed to happen this year, it was low key and enjoyable.

Who could forget the kitchen remodeling?. Between a contractor that disappeared for weeks on end and our friend who began to take the project WAY too personally 2006 will always be remembered as the year we broke our cherry on stressful home improvement projects.

I enjoyed the Winter Olympics in Turino, the World Cup in Germany and the Tour de France. Seeing as I watched NO NFL, NBA, MLB, or NHL I believe that officially makes me a sports snob. Sorry, but American sports are rife with hype, my eyes glaze over after my 3rd truck commercial.

Of course the greatest event of the year had to be the November elections. Finally a sign that we've stopped seeing turbaned terrorists around every corner and see these people for who they really are. Now if we can just kill the idea that we need to keep fighting this stupid war forever we'll be getting somewhere. While I don't trust Democrats to do the right thing, at the very least we'll have slowed these bloodtirsty morons down for a while.

Looking ahead to the next year I'm looking forward to having more free time on weekends now that rugby has taken a back seat in my life. We just bought our plane tickets for a 10 day trip to Paris in May. The idea of that is what is going to keep me going through the winter. A co-worker of mine helped me procur a Wii, so I anticipate many Saturday afternoons while Thom is at work flailing away upstairs in front of the TV.

Here's hoping for the best for everyone in my know who you are. Here's to also documenting as much as possible on these pages.

Happy New Year


Anonymous dolly said...

Happy new year, Angry little thing, yoU!

Happy and prosperous 2007!

11:08 PM  

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