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Saturday, January 06, 2007

It begins...

Its hard not to have a glimmer of hope for this country while reading this letter newly empowered Democrats sent to the President urging him to get our troops the hell out of the mess he created. At long last, the days of Democrats meekly agreeing that "Iraq is part of the war on terror" or "Capturing Saddam makes us safer, Dean is wrong" seem to be over.

Of course bubble boy is going to plow forward with this war no matter what. His ego demands it.

Meanwhile the 30% of the country that desperately cling to the notion of a 1000 year Republican reich by refusing to admit the realities of the past six years have been busy trying to convince the rest of us that things are going A-OK. One particularly funny yet sad episode is outlined by Glenn Greenwald in this post which eviscerates the right wing blogosphere by pointing out how (yet again) their shrieking hysterics are proven to be wrong.

I'll let you read it, as Glenn nails it far better than I could summarize it. Suffice it to say that these people will go to any lengths, no matter how preposterous, in order to maintain the false reality they live in. There is literally no fact that will shake their unalterable world view that Republicans are our benevolent overlords and anyone who says otherwise is a traitor or worse.

Even this low trafficked blog gets its share of idiotic hate mail. One received this morning reads in part:

the war is not stupid, you are. If this attitude was around during WW II, we would now be seig heiling hitler.

I'm also called a racist and a snob because I don't watch football. Actually I'll own that one, but really who wouldn't seem like a snob next to Kindergarten level crap like this? These people make Pauley Shore look like Camus.

Bottom line? We have cause for hope but we have a long way to go before this country starts approaching anything resembling sanity again. I for one am looking forward to a very intersting year ahead.


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