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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Here's your new f*@!ing post!

Blogging has been light recently due to a pretty crazy work schedule. I was taken to task last night about posting new content, so time to get back on the wagon.

Suffice it to say, life sucks right now. Long hours down at the client and a high level of stress. I was handling it well up to a point, but then I gradually just started to get more and more upset about it. A toxic brew of long hours, demanding requests and antagonistic attitudes all around.

This is the first weekend I've had off in a while, hopefully once I catch my breath my mood will improve. I'd like to think this whole experience is at least teaching me stress management skills, but looking back on some of the outbursts I had while on the job I'd have to say I let the stress get to me just a bit.

I long for the day I can retire and stop dealing with accounting. The crushing deadlines that force human beings to live in flourescent lit cubicle prisons. The insecurities that mask themselves in the form of arrogance and aggression. People weren't meant to live like this. The money is OKAY, but not enough to warrant this "lifestyle".

Of course this could just be a bad case of winter blues.

Compounding my foul mood is my recent distancing myself from the rugby team. I mean it was totally necessary as I can't play with my knee and treasury work was becoming a ridiculous proposition. I was beginning to feel taken advantage of. Still, seeing the rugby guys out now is just DIFFERENT. Was our entire friendship based on the team, the absence of which causes our reason to be friends to no longer exist?

Damned if I know, but that whole thing is bringing me down too.

The one bright spot? Tickets have been bought for a nice long vacation in May to France. A few days in Paris, a few days in wine country, a few more days in Paris. Its the only thing keeping me sane right now.

I promise more frequent and less maudlin postings in the future.

Update: Upon further reflection I'm going to guess that all of the above is largely due to my quitting smoking. Three weeks and counting, wish me luck.


Anonymous J.Cruz said...

Girl...first off...congrats on quitting! It's going to be tough (having done it several times myself). Give me a call if you need some support.

Second off...we miss you! Don't worry that it's been quiet lately; it's been quiet for everyone I think. We're getting ramped up for the Spring Season, and however you want to get involved, even if it's purely socially, is absolutely awesome!

Third off...girl...I started blogging myself! Check it out when you get a chance.

Miss you!

9:22 AM  

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