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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Fuck Disney and ABC

Not content to merely give a platform for right wing misinformation, it seems as though ABC, and by extension their parent company Disney, has now resorted to pathetically policing the blogosphere for anyone who dare challenge their god given right to spew hate driven, violent, and borderline psychotic filth over the publicly owned airwaves.

It seems as though someone who had enough of listening to a bunch of cackling jackels on a morning drive time program on ABC affiliate KSFO in San Francisco (!) joke about some oh so funny topics such as:

Sussman asking a caller to prove that he is not a Muslim: "Say Allah is a whore. ... Say that you love eating pig."


Rodgers on Indonesia: "Indonesia is really just another enemy Muslim nation. ... You keep screwing around with stuff like this, we're going to kill a bunch of you. Millions of you."

decided to do something about it and notify the advertisers for this morning program just exactly what kind of people their companies were supporting.

Well hath no fury like a fascist entertainment mega-corporation scorned. Disney soon unleashed the hounds on blogger Spocko and forced his ISP to yank his blog in protest of his including excerpts from this idiotic gang of violent troglydites.

Well here's your first lesson how the internet works guys. Click on the links below to listen to the some of the leading lights of the conservative movement. Warning: you may need a shower afterwards.

ABC wants caller to say Allah is a whore

Caller to ABC radio program wants Syrian mosques bombed

ABC radio host wants detainee fingers and penises cut off

ABC radio host and Ann Coulter (who else?) want liberals killed

ABC radio program asserts that Islam is a false religion

ABC radio hosts think Senator Obama is "halfrican"

ABC radio wants to attack the New York Times

ABC radio warns that "unpleasant things are going to happen to liberals"

ABC radio suggests that AP reporters commit mass suicide

Kind of takes the shine off that straight to DVD edition of "Little Mermaid 2"
doesn't it?

Update: Apparently Spocko has found an ISP provider with some balls and is back on the web. In a world full of sycophantic authoritarian lickspittles, its nice to see someone unafraid to stand up and tell the truth, visit his site for the complete story.


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