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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hey Cuntface McGhee!!

You know what I find MOST annoying about working in the business world? Having to deal with douchebags who believe everything they read in the op-ed pages. Some jackass like Friedman claims that outsourcing is the wave of the future and kneejerk boardrooms across the land readily sell out this country's future in the hopes of raising their stock prices $1.

But people are starting to get wise. Check out this exquisite evisceration of Anne Applebaum who's been subjecting us to her almost always wrong "analysis" in the pages of the Washington Post for far too long. A better summation of how wrong wrong wrong all of the opinion makers and "leaders" are that we've had to endure lo these many years I have not read.

That and that fact that I love the idea of calling her and her ilk "Cuntface" make this a must read.

You're next Gloria Borger


Anonymous dolly said...

Can I marry you, Angrytank?

2:50 AM  

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