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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hey Cuntface McGhee!!

You know what I find MOST annoying about working in the business world? Having to deal with douchebags who believe everything they read in the op-ed pages. Some jackass like Friedman claims that outsourcing is the wave of the future and kneejerk boardrooms across the land readily sell out this country's future in the hopes of raising their stock prices $1.

But people are starting to get wise. Check out this exquisite evisceration of Anne Applebaum who's been subjecting us to her almost always wrong "analysis" in the pages of the Washington Post for far too long. A better summation of how wrong wrong wrong all of the opinion makers and "leaders" are that we've had to endure lo these many years I have not read.

That and that fact that I love the idea of calling her and her ilk "Cuntface" make this a must read.

You're next Gloria Borger

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Rankin and Bass you slay me

I'm not usually one given to sentimentality, but whenever I watch these old Christmas TV programs that get hauled out every year I just start crying. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, A Year Without a Sanata Claus, Frosty The Snow Man, all were done by those masters of 70's animation Rankin and Bass.

If you grew up during the 70's you no doubt remember the thrill and excitment that would erupt whenever CBS played that intro during the holiday season that indicated regular programming was being pre-empted. Mom would call out "Kids! Rudolph's on!" and have hot chocolate ready for us as we scrambled into the living room in our pajamas. While the Christmas lights played in the background my brothers and I sat transfixed and watched these things year after year.

Now I'm all grown up and piling these same programs up on my DVR. I can't watch them without getting a little choked up. For Mom, who had so much fun watching them each year and for my brothers who were there with me each year in our pj's. Christmas just wouldn't be the same without it.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Casino Royale - GO SEE THIS MOVIE

I saw Casino Royale last night and was completely blown away. I've always kind of been a Bond fan since seeing a Friday night broadcast of "Thunderball" on ABC one night as a kid. The exotic locales, the espionage intrigue, and let's face it Sean Connery in his prime parading around in Bermuda shorts. As a long time fan I feel comfortable making the following statement:

This new Bond movie is the best one ever done.

Gone are the silly gadgets and stupid banter. There is no billionaire supervillain intent on world domination that must be stopped. This is gritty, realistic, and gripping human drama done extremely well. The movie opens in black and white as we watch Bond on his first kill (you must make two for "double 00" designation). From there we watch an immature and inexperienced Bond on his first assignment in the world of international espionage.

The new actor is Daniel Craig and to say he's a powerful screen presence would be the height of understatement. He sears his way into every scene with a remarkable range of depth and talent. Even Sean Connery tended to be a bit of a one dimensional "superman". Craig's bond is very human. Prone to error, sometimes ruled by emotion. Like all of us. Its extremely refreshing, to the point that you wonder why it took over 30 years to go in this direction with the franchise.

I could go on, but trust me if you are at all interested in an intelligent gripping well acted action film - go see Casino Royale.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Happy Festivus!

Who can forget that December 1 is Festivus? Not me I tells ya. In the spirit of the holiday I'm gonna rant about something stupid that bothers me.

Phantom of the Opera is playing here in Philly at the Forrest Theater. The nearest parking garage to the venue is the same one I use when I go the gym. As such, I get to watch all the suburbanites drive into town in their SUV's and completely lose their minds. How you ask?

Imagine a white family of four dressed up wandering around a parking garage with a parking ticket in their hands asking me fearfully "what do we do with this?". Imagine 50 year old women standing slack jawed in front of the machine you use to pay your parking ticket panicking and wondering what to do. Imagine the same family from above stopping you on the corner of 12th and Walnut asking "where's the Forrest Theater?" when its half a block up the street and lit up like Nuremburg circa 1944.

I know the suburbs are quiet and all, but this is pathetic. If you can't figure out how to drive into a metropolitan city in America, park your car and then see a show you should confine yourself to a Blockbuster evening.

Anybody else have a pet peeve they wish to air. You know, in the spirit of the holiday?