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Monday, November 06, 2006

You better get out and vote

If anyone needs further proof that the band of idiotic thugs running this country has gone over the deep end, they should check out this propaganda piece that aired this past weekend on (where else) Fox News.

These sick sick fuckers actually submitted themselves to waterboarding in an attempt to show the American public how "efficient" harmless it really is. The message these sub-human cretins want to convey before we go to the polls? Hey, this isn't really torture. This guy was back to normal in an instant. What's the problem with doing THIS to terrorists?

We have now officially become a nation that

1. Sanctions torture

and more importantly

2. Endorses torture on a major news network in an effort to propagandize for a political party.

You tell ME how we're any better from some third world banana republic. How we're so much better than Kim Jong Il, whose regime has relentlessly propagandized his people for over 50 years to the point where they feel anything "Dear Leader" does is A-OK as well.

This is no longer a vote on whether the Republican party should govern. Anyone with eyes to see can see they are inept at even the most simple of governance functions. No, this is about regaining our soul as a people. Do we want to live in a country that sanctions torture and broadcasts the benefits of it on TV, or do we want a return to sanity?

Your choice America, get out and vote on Tuesday.


Anonymous dolly said...

i just did, Pumpkin. i held my nose when i picked Casey but i am hoping for the best.

9:56 AM  

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