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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My GOD this is depressing

I usually listen to NPR (check that...XMPR, I went sattelite two years ago) on the drive down to work each morning. This particular morning I migrated over to Air America Radio during a particularly grating performance by a bluegrass/swing combo out of upstate NY.

Side note: if you're a bluegrass swing outfit from upstate NY...just yeah stop.

Anyway, I just tuned when the three hosts were welcoming Michael Isikoff from Newsweek. Oh shit...Newsweek. I mean I kind of expected vapid airless "analysis" but I was completely unprepared for what spewed forth.

I was forced to battle traffic heading south on I-95 while listening to this ass clown breathlessly describe the "drama" behind newly elected (but not yet in power) House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's choice for chair of the House Intelligence Committee. Apparently the annointed DC chattering class has decided that Jane Harman (who desperately wants the chair) is now a "moderate" who clashes with "liberal" Pelosi.

Tittering like a 15 year old girl in the bathroom during study hall this twit described in great detail how we had "two women" with "all that comes with that" fighting it out because they "don't like each other". Forget that Harman has been quoted as saying:

"There's a strong intelligence case that Iraq has not destroyed its weapons of mass destruction and is building the capability to use them," said Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif.), ranking member of the House intelligence committee. "There's a growing al Qaeda presence in Iraq, and I think the case can be made that there is a growing affiliation" between Baghdad and terrorist groups.

Forget that the American people have just elected Pelosi as speaker hoping and praying that she would change this kind of idiotic dribble, let's concentrate on the CAT FIGHT.

Is there a better example of how and why we find ourselves in our current predicament? Abdicating any sense of resonsibility he SHOULD feel to report a real news story, Isikoff and his pathetic tribe are content to gossip and discuss Armani suits while real issues such as civil war breaking out around 140,000 US troops gets relegated to sideshow status.

Even more pathetic was how little he was challenged by the "liberal" hosts. After being told that this was "good stuff", Isikoff was presented a rather lame argument that by opposing people like Harman (you know, like the American people clearly WANT) that Pelosi was sending a message that you can't cross the party.

Clearly flummoxed to have to start thinking a bit Isikoff stuttered towards some sort of explanation that none of this mattered anyway and we wouldn't be talking about it in three months.

Then why are you giggling like a school girl during drive time radio about it while Baghdad burns jackass?

I've gotten more in depth analysis watching water pour down a drain. I long for the day that magazines like Newsweek and Time are ignored for the worthless rags they've become. The American people arrived at this juncture where we can actually begin to reverse the insanity these inane chatterboxes have enabled despite their worthless "analysis", not because of it.


Anonymous J.Cruz said...

Hey! I *love* blue grass!


9:54 AM  
Blogger Angry Little Tank said...

I love that you read that and commented on the bluegrass thing. LOL

6:51 AM  
Anonymous dolly said...

yeah, I was getting all wet about a cutting analysis of some Blue Grass Hootinanny!

10:10 PM  

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