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Monday, November 27, 2006

Catching Up

I purposefully took off a bit after the November 7th elections, but I guess its time to get back in the saddle with this whole blogging thing. Also I'm feeling kind of reflective. Year end and all that jazz...

I could talk about the lingering mendacity of our corrupt "leaders" and their inept cheerleaders who tried (in vain thankfully) to convince us that the Iraqis became more violent BEFORE the election to try and get Democrats elected, and then got more violent still AFTER the election because they were newly emboldened by Republican losses.

But why bother, clearly nobody can take what this ilk says seriously anymore. We're going to start heading in a different direction without any further idiocy from the likes of these morons.

I could talk about recently coming out at work, but in fact it wasn't as bad as I feared. I should be able to take my partner with me to the Christmas party without it becoming a hassle. Well, no more a hassle than corporate Christmas parties are in general.

Instead I'll just mention that with a mixture of relief and sadness I'm ending my tenure as treasury of my rugby club with Sunday with election of new officers. This past year was a very emotional one for me with rugby. I found out about my torn ACL in the spring, which effectively ended any more playing, yet I was stuck being treasurer for the rest of the year. I had fun hanging with the team and I think I made some meaningful contributions to both the financial infrastructure and health of the team, but at what cost? I ended up running myself into the ground with administrative details. What's worse, I ended up resenting many people on the team after feeling frankly unappreciated.

If somebody is taking the time and effort to help you out, a good rule of thumb is to avoid telling them they need to do even more.

It was a learning experience and one I don't regret doing, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to just being a spectator for a while. I wish these guys the best, they deserve it. Just the best from somebody else for a while.

I hope to post more this month on the war on Christmas, which clearly I'm going to violently wage since I'm not a Republican and all. As John Stewart so succinctly put it:

I will not rest until every December 25 families gather together at Osama's homo-abortion commie jizzporium


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