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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My GOD this is depressing

I usually listen to NPR (check that...XMPR, I went sattelite two years ago) on the drive down to work each morning. This particular morning I migrated over to Air America Radio during a particularly grating performance by a bluegrass/swing combo out of upstate NY.

Side note: if you're a bluegrass swing outfit from upstate NY...just yeah stop.

Anyway, I just tuned when the three hosts were welcoming Michael Isikoff from Newsweek. Oh shit...Newsweek. I mean I kind of expected vapid airless "analysis" but I was completely unprepared for what spewed forth.

I was forced to battle traffic heading south on I-95 while listening to this ass clown breathlessly describe the "drama" behind newly elected (but not yet in power) House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's choice for chair of the House Intelligence Committee. Apparently the annointed DC chattering class has decided that Jane Harman (who desperately wants the chair) is now a "moderate" who clashes with "liberal" Pelosi.

Tittering like a 15 year old girl in the bathroom during study hall this twit described in great detail how we had "two women" with "all that comes with that" fighting it out because they "don't like each other". Forget that Harman has been quoted as saying:

"There's a strong intelligence case that Iraq has not destroyed its weapons of mass destruction and is building the capability to use them," said Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif.), ranking member of the House intelligence committee. "There's a growing al Qaeda presence in Iraq, and I think the case can be made that there is a growing affiliation" between Baghdad and terrorist groups.

Forget that the American people have just elected Pelosi as speaker hoping and praying that she would change this kind of idiotic dribble, let's concentrate on the CAT FIGHT.

Is there a better example of how and why we find ourselves in our current predicament? Abdicating any sense of resonsibility he SHOULD feel to report a real news story, Isikoff and his pathetic tribe are content to gossip and discuss Armani suits while real issues such as civil war breaking out around 140,000 US troops gets relegated to sideshow status.

Even more pathetic was how little he was challenged by the "liberal" hosts. After being told that this was "good stuff", Isikoff was presented a rather lame argument that by opposing people like Harman (you know, like the American people clearly WANT) that Pelosi was sending a message that you can't cross the party.

Clearly flummoxed to have to start thinking a bit Isikoff stuttered towards some sort of explanation that none of this mattered anyway and we wouldn't be talking about it in three months.

Then why are you giggling like a school girl during drive time radio about it while Baghdad burns jackass?

I've gotten more in depth analysis watching water pour down a drain. I long for the day that magazines like Newsweek and Time are ignored for the worthless rags they've become. The American people arrived at this juncture where we can actually begin to reverse the insanity these inane chatterboxes have enabled despite their worthless "analysis", not because of it.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Catching Up

I purposefully took off a bit after the November 7th elections, but I guess its time to get back in the saddle with this whole blogging thing. Also I'm feeling kind of reflective. Year end and all that jazz...

I could talk about the lingering mendacity of our corrupt "leaders" and their inept cheerleaders who tried (in vain thankfully) to convince us that the Iraqis became more violent BEFORE the election to try and get Democrats elected, and then got more violent still AFTER the election because they were newly emboldened by Republican losses.

But why bother, clearly nobody can take what this ilk says seriously anymore. We're going to start heading in a different direction without any further idiocy from the likes of these morons.

I could talk about recently coming out at work, but in fact it wasn't as bad as I feared. I should be able to take my partner with me to the Christmas party without it becoming a hassle. Well, no more a hassle than corporate Christmas parties are in general.

Instead I'll just mention that with a mixture of relief and sadness I'm ending my tenure as treasury of my rugby club with Sunday with election of new officers. This past year was a very emotional one for me with rugby. I found out about my torn ACL in the spring, which effectively ended any more playing, yet I was stuck being treasurer for the rest of the year. I had fun hanging with the team and I think I made some meaningful contributions to both the financial infrastructure and health of the team, but at what cost? I ended up running myself into the ground with administrative details. What's worse, I ended up resenting many people on the team after feeling frankly unappreciated.

If somebody is taking the time and effort to help you out, a good rule of thumb is to avoid telling them they need to do even more.

It was a learning experience and one I don't regret doing, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to just being a spectator for a while. I wish these guys the best, they deserve it. Just the best from somebody else for a while.

I hope to post more this month on the war on Christmas, which clearly I'm going to violently wage since I'm not a Republican and all. As John Stewart so succinctly put it:

I will not rest until every December 25 families gather together at Osama's homo-abortion commie jizzporium

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Quote of the Night

All you Republicans who ran away from the president are going to have to wander throught he desert for the next two years. And I mean literally, somebody's going to have to replace those troops in Iraq.

Stephen Colbert

Congratulations America, let's get to work.

Monday, November 06, 2006

You better get out and vote

If anyone needs further proof that the band of idiotic thugs running this country has gone over the deep end, they should check out this propaganda piece that aired this past weekend on (where else) Fox News.

These sick sick fuckers actually submitted themselves to waterboarding in an attempt to show the American public how "efficient" harmless it really is. The message these sub-human cretins want to convey before we go to the polls? Hey, this isn't really torture. This guy was back to normal in an instant. What's the problem with doing THIS to terrorists?

We have now officially become a nation that

1. Sanctions torture

and more importantly

2. Endorses torture on a major news network in an effort to propagandize for a political party.

You tell ME how we're any better from some third world banana republic. How we're so much better than Kim Jong Il, whose regime has relentlessly propagandized his people for over 50 years to the point where they feel anything "Dear Leader" does is A-OK as well.

This is no longer a vote on whether the Republican party should govern. Anyone with eyes to see can see they are inept at even the most simple of governance functions. No, this is about regaining our soul as a people. Do we want to live in a country that sanctions torture and broadcasts the benefits of it on TV, or do we want a return to sanity?

Your choice America, get out and vote on Tuesday.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

How the fuck did he do that?

November 7th isn't going to JUST be the day that this country decides whether or not it will continue down the road to fascism or step back from the brink, its also the day that Guitar Hero II comes out.

Check out the guy who sold his soul to Nintendo Satan play "Freebird" on expert level. He's my new hero:

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Well this certainly explains a lot

I'm not sure whether to feel anger, disgust or pity when I read that one of the leading lights of the evangelical movement has been caught red handed paying for gay sex.

On the one hand, it certainly explains their obsession with gay sex. I mean they clearly have it on their minds constantly, certainly more than I do. I guess its because they have to sneak it on the side.

Mostly I guess I'm just sad at how people like this have used religion to foster hatred and misunderstanding. Haggard is the same jackass that taught his flock that "free markets" are a central tenent of the gospel. Religious people being what they are, they believe what they're told by authority figures. Fast forward a few years and we find ourselves in our current situation.

Here's hoping they either open their eyes or stay home on Tuesday. As Andrew Sullivan has been fond of saying recently, this isn't an election anymore its an intervention.