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Saturday, October 07, 2006

What was the fuss all about?

Well I've finally calmed the fuck down about my new job. Last week I was a wreck worrying about being worthy of the new position and frankly wasn't good for going to the gym, writing on this blog, or even looking in the mirror.

Consultant?! Who in the hell is going to pay ME to "consult". My God, they're billing me out to clients at THAT rate?! I am SO not worth that! Oh my God, my first client is a UTILITY?!! I've never worked at a utility, I am SO going to choke.

Turns out the client is a peach. Everything I've been given I know how to handle. Perhaps I am worthy of the significant bump in salary I received. Hell, yesterday I think I even brought our firm MORE business by suggesting that our firm could assist with an imminent FAS 123 matter (don't ask).

So all in all I'm starting to feel confident again. I'm going to go to a Gryphons scrimmage today at noon and then I plan on coming back and doing a weekend Wiki.

Look for more frequent blog posting going forward now that I've gotten my proverbial shit together


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