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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Tales from the trenches

Well I just put in two weekend days at my new client down in beautiful downtown Wilmington DE. I've logged in almost 70 hours the past six days and frankly my head is spinning. Some quick observations before I watch the final episode of Flavor of Love and then go to bed to start back up again

1. I definitely AM qualified to be a consultant. As the saying goes, 90% of success is showing up. You basically put in the hours, empathize with the client and jump in when you see something that you think you can handle. The client likes me, looks like my new career is off to a good start.

2. Wilmington is a major shithole. Nowhere to go out to lunch. Nowhere to park. The homeless population seems to like it as well. The eeriest part? Walking around downtown and seeing no people. Why does this city exist?

Anyway, things are going to settle down on Wednesday when I hope to post about something other than this damn new job. Unfortunately I've been disconnected from life for the past three weeks, so I'm not really sure how much I have to say right now.

One fun update - I did get tickets to see Primus Nov 10 at the Tower Theater. I'm looking forward to a full blown freakout.


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