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Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Weekend Wiki

Getting back into this whole blogging thing, or indeed life in general, has been difficult since coming back from vacation. Throw in the first rugby weekend of the fall season and all of the inherent craziness something like that brings and you see my dilema

Of course the biggest news this past week has been that I FINALLY landed a new job. I'm going to try consulting for a while. The money seems great and the home office is located here in center city Philadelphia, which is way better than the hike out to Horsham. I found myself bored and unstimulated doing "risk management". I think this will be great.

One thing that definitely helped me land this job was my recent designation as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). What the hell do CPA's do anyway? How do you become one?

Well first off, you have to pass a really difficult exam. It took me a year of studying and testing to pass the exam, and that is actually pretty fast. I've heard stories of people taking four years to pass all four parts of the exam. You're generally tested on Financial Statement preparation, Auditing, Business Law, Tax and Ethics (don't laugh, we're at least SUPPOSED to have some).

Once the exam is passed you're still not a CPA unfortunately, you need to meet certain work experience requirements. In almost all states this would be attestation experience, which basically means that you look at other people's financial statements and say that you agree with them. You test the internal controls, test certain transactions to confirm balances and put in long hours.

I did my attestation work doing internal audit, which is a little different than an external audit. You're supposed to be independant, but I never felt like we were doing anything meaningful to be honest with you. It all depends on which company you work for I guess, and I worked for one that definitely did NOT take financial statement controls seriously.

Many CPA's get into consulting because the money is just too good and you can ditch the monotany of the monthly/annual financial statement preparation process you get in corporations. Firms bill clients huge sums of money for the knowledge you (ostensibly) gain while attaining your CPA status.

All I know is that I'm looking forward to doing some meaningful work again and beginning to make some real money. I'm in my mid 30's and frankly I'm tired of doing low level number crunching for mediocre pay in cubicle hell.

Look for more active blogging going forward!


Blogger EverFabulous said...

welcome back!!
and congratulations on your new job too :-)

11:11 PM  

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