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Friday, September 22, 2006

The Friday Wiki - I don't think that word means what you THINK it means edition

I know I may be getting some hate mail for saying this, but I've officially soured on America. We are on the verge of officially sanctioning torture in a move which the mainstream media is breathlessly describing as a compromise and a bold stroke for bipartisanship.

Wikipedia defines bipartisanship as:

any bill ,act ,resolution , or any other action of a political body in which both of the major political parties are in agreement

So there you have it folks, the White House and John McCain (where are the Democrats in all of this?) are in agreement that the United States may now torture. That's what "bipartisanship" has become. An agreement between an insane and outlaw whitehouse and their same party enablers in Congress who want to assume the power in two years. Let's take a look at this compromise shall we?

According to the New York Times:

The three rebel senators achieved only modest improvements on the White House's original positions. They wanted to bar evidence obtained through coercion. Now, they have agreed to allow it if a judge finds it reliable (which coerced evidence hardly can be) and relevant to guilt or innocence . The way coercion is measured in the bill, even those protections would not apply to the prisoners at Guantánamo Bay.

The deal does next to nothing to stop the president from reinterpreting the Geneva Conventions . While the White House agreed to a list of "grave breaches"of the conventions that could be prosecuted as war crimes, it stipulated that the president could decide on his own what actions might be a lesser breach of the Geneva Conventions and what interrogation techniques he considered permissible . It's not clear how much the public will ultimately learn about those decisions. They will be contained in an executive order that is supposed to be made public, but Mr. Hadley reiterated that specific interrogation techniques will remain secret

That's some great compromise guys. You've basically allowed the White House to say that sure, some torture techniques are out of bounds, but then allowed them to add language to the bill that says the president may decide what's out of bounds or what isn't. Outstanding job guys.

At the very least I hope that this will kill the idea that McCain is any sort of "maverick". He's as much of lickspittle beholden to this outlaw White House as any of the other worthless cretins in Washington. Now that they have their odious legislation, watch Rove and co. proceed to bash the Democrats with it in the upcoming election season.

I can see now that we're doomed as a nation. This is the first step towards a Soviet style dictatorship where dissidents are disappeared and tortured. Its clear we'll tolerate any breach against our freedoms and our morals as long as the spectre of terrorism is invoked. We're running around like scared little pisspants over a handful of religious fanatics living in caves. How pathetic.

Nothing is going to stop these maniacs now. But hey at least we've achieved "compromise" and "bipartisanship" even if it means we've sold whatever was left of our soul to do it. Heaven forbid we create a disturbance or question anything that comes out of Bush's mouth.


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