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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mel Gibson is a Jew hating whack job

Well it finally happened, Mel Gibson managed to get himself arrested for DUI last Friday morning in Malibu and let loose on the arresting officers about his deep abiding hatred of the Jews.

How drunk was he? Not very as it turned out, just .12 blood alcohol level. The equivalent of three or four beers. Enough to loosen social inhibitions and turn batshit crazy loons into raving psychopaths.

Those of us who weren't enraptured by blood soaked pornography two years ago certainly recognized that this guy had a deep abiding anti-Semitic streak in him. The way his film protrayed the Jews could have been culled from a Torquemada tirade in Spain during the middle ages.

Of course the Christianists swooned at having a film about Christ given the Hollywood treatment replete with buckets and buckets of blood. Having had their two most virulent urges satisfied in one film (bloodlust and shoving their faith down everyone's throat) they weren't about to allow their new icon to be tained by the whiff of anti-Semitism.

Idiots like this one and this one insisted most emphatically that Mel was not anti-Semitic. Hell if anything, the BIBLE was anti-Semitic, but certainly not Mel.

Do these people EVER get tired of being wrong? About every. single. fucking. thing?

That film was utter trash. A violent pornographic horror film that self-righteously wrapped itself up in a Christian bow and presented itself to the unwashed hordes as some sort of antitode to "secularism". The man who made it has always had a torture fetish that he loves to protray on film and whether the automatons who lined up to see it want to admit it or not, they got off on watching a man tortured for two hours. Probably almost as much as Mel did when he made the movie.

As an added bonus, all the deep seated yet carefully subterfuged hatred this same crowd has for the Jewish people was quietly re-affirmed.

As such, I don't think Mel's little "incident" will slow his career down that much. It will hopefully relegate it to the fringes where it belongs however. Those of us in decent society got rid of this way of thinking about 500 years ago.


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