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Monday, July 03, 2006

Gimme a break

Had a very nice afternoon on Saturday watching England play Portugal and then France upset Brazil. One thing I've noticed is that soccer players rival Cal State theater majors in their histrionics over perceived physical infractions.

Take this foul which pretty much cost England the match against Portugal. In my mind, Rooney stepping on this guy was an incidental accident in a fight for the ball. Then the histrionics start as Ronaldo from Portugal runs over to protest. He gets shoved and Rooney gets bounced. The wink at the end shows the world what a farce the whole thing was.

With all due respect, what a bunch of pussies. If this were rugby, that Portugal guy would have had his dick stomped twice more by his own team if Ronaldo tried any of that drama bullshit.

I'm now officially rooting for France. Just cuz I know nobody else outside of France will....


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