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Friday, June 16, 2006

Was it all bullshit?

I've been thinking a lot lately about my business degrees. I have a BS in Accounting and an MBA. I got these degrees because frankly I thought they would make me money. Everything I was really interested in like music, philosophy, literature wouldn't really net me a job. Due to various family financial issues (*cough* Dad *cough* asshole!) I was pretty broke toward the end of my college career and frankly just wanted a job.

Of course in any business curriculum they teach you the ins and outs of how American style capitalism works.

Or do they?

I took all of the finance classes and read several business publications. I invest both my 401(k) and my stock portfolio with an eye towards steady sustainable growth and diversity.

I've made like $300 in 9 years.

Okay, I thought...maybe if I get an analyst from a large brokerage house to help me out that would help. Clearly investing wasn't my forte.

We've lost $300 in two years with this guy.

And then you take a look around at how businesses are being run (into the ground). General Motors mocked the Japanese car industry for introducing hybrids three years ago. They've lost like $2 billion so far this year. Great business sense guys, meanwhile you can't find a new Prius on a lot that hasn't been sold already to somebody with a 6 month waiting list.

Some jackass writes about how the world is "flat" and the next thing you know hundreds of people are getting laid off at my company and their jobs are transferred to India. Forget the productivity gap. Forget that the wage gap will be closed within a decade or less negating this investment, damnit we've read a book!

Ethics scandals, corruption, bloated CEO pay. I could go on, but hopefully you're getting my point. The business world in the US is not being run efficiently. Its currently set up to transfer as much wealth as possible to a select cadre of largely incompetant managers who care nothing about the community in which they reside or their employees.

Am I the only one that thinks our system of capitalism is in serious need of an overhaul? One thing is certain, the people in MBA programs today have no idea how little they will be prepared for what's waiting for them. We've become a nation of Daffy Ducks smashing everyone in our path to the ground with the mantra "Down! Down! Down! Mine! Mine! Mine!"


Anonymous Mattyg said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Capitalism started out as this fantastic institution that would bring the best to the consumer through competition. Seems to me this competition has only served to be a breeding ground for greed. What's that you say dear irony, the thing that built our country up will be the same thing that brings it down?

10:59 PM  
Anonymous Mooney said...

Didn't you ever stop and wonder why they call it a BS?

11:13 PM  
Anonymous Dave W said... loose me here. I can live with giving up my 'official' status as a member of the GOP, but I wont become a socialist either. There are plenty of very successful companies that are run on capitalistic principles that do very well and their rank and file do well. Southwest Airlines, Starbucks, GE, Toyota....just to name a few....maybe we need to start our own company and show the disfunctional ones how to do it right. Maybe a chain of british style pubs called "Hooker Dave's"....what am I NUTS.

9:47 AM  
Blogger Angry Little Tank said...

This is the trap we've created for ourselves here in America, you can't criticize our business community without being labeled a "socialist". I'm not advocating socialism, I think the world agrees that system of economy has been roundly repudiated.

I'm saying that we've created an extremely open and friendly environment for corporations in this country and they've taken advantage. Every MBA candidate is required to take an ethics course which addresses all of the topics we've touched on briefly here. These are real and legitimate issues we need to discuss.

We ignore the problems or avoid the conversation at our own peril.

That being said, I would totally have a pint at "Hooker Dave's"

10:23 AM  

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