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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Red Cards
Unless you've completely lived under a rock for the past three weeks or so, you're probably at least marginally aware that the World Cup has started. While we all had high hopes for the fifth (!) ranked US team, in fact we are already bumped out of compeitition after a fairly mediocre showing.

Being an adult and all, I figured I'd just accept the loss (again) and root for one of the other teams like Brazil. Or maybe the home team Germany.

Then you have the Republican Response. That is to say the hysterical sore loser response. Apparently the issue lies entirely in the sport itself, which these guys feel is somehow primitive because you can't use your hands like a good simian.

No, I'm not joking.

But hey, at least they didn't get TOO hysterical and claim the sport is un-American or anything as is their wont.

Wait - oooops

Our country has yet to succumb to the nihilism, existentialism, and anomie that have overtaken Europe. A game about nothing, in which scoring is purely incidental, holds scant interest for Americans who still believe the world makes sense, that life has a larger meaning and structure, that being is not an end in itself, being qua being.

What a bunch of jackass poseurs. For the record, I've decided to root for England.


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