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Thursday, June 22, 2006

I've gone....INSANE

There’s no other explanation for it. Clearly the reality I live in is so far removed from everyone else’s that the only rational explanation is that I’ve lost my sanity. Luckily, so far the realization of my insane existence is the only sign of paranoia that I’ve noticed. Why?! Have you noticed something else? Tell me what you mean!

I guess the feeling has been growing a while now. I mean every time you see the cable news you get bombarded with idiocy. But here’s the thing, the people ON the TV don’t seem to notice the idiocy. The bleach blond bimbo reading the news spouts the idiocy. The poor bastard being subjected to the idiocy responds to the questions, as if they’re not even idiotic. Maybe idiotic things like this actually MAKE SENSE to this guy. Then again, he’s always kind of seemed like an idiot himself.

Or maybe they’re not making sense because I’m….INSANE.

Well maybe that’s a bad example. I mean I don’t watch a lot of television outside of the Sci Fi channel and HBO. But then you read things. Things like this
defense of why we couldn’t take Zarqawi out in 2002 as I mentioned in an ALT post last week. Apparently this administration, the Bush administration mind you, didn’t want to take out Zarqawi because they were afraid they would be criticized for violating international law.

Because, you know, we are ALL ABOUT the international law.

Yes Daveed Gartenstein-Ross and Adam White at the Weekly Standard apparently believe that the Bush administration was actually concerned about hurting the diplomatic efforts that may have prevented war and that’s why we didn’t take out Zarqawi in the Northern Iraq NFZ when we had the chance. And here I thought the entire “diplomacy” effort was a farce to lend our illegal invasion a patina of respectability on the world stage. I distinctly remember being told that previous bombings to the Iraqi NFZ were "routine".

Clearly I believed this because I’m…..INSANE.

And oh yeah, the article goes on to state that we didn’t want to take out Zarqawi because we were afraid of civilian casualties. The fact that my head didn’t explode while reading that is further testament to my impaired mental state. I'm sure that 60,000 Iraqis are rolling in their graves though.

Reactions with day to day people in my life have only affirmed my isolation into madness. Our friend helping us out on our kitchen goes red faced ballistic when we talk to a plumber about getting our sink installed (because HE wanted to do it). My rugby team sees nothing wrong with waiting until the last possible minute to get ready for…well…EVERYTHING. My boss at work thinks its perfectly acceptable to have a CPA/MBA go through 300 word documents to spell check them (and yes he has an admin).

What do these people know that I don't? Possibly that I'm.....INSANE?

I’m going to continue to monitor the situation and self medicate. Lack of further blog posting would indicate that they’ve finally taken me away. I hope there’s no cable news wherever they take me.

Or waterboarding……


Blogger RedNightOwl said...

I do not think your insane. Maybe just a little dizzy from the "SPIN" that has replaced the truth in the news. :)

12:24 PM  

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