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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Red Cards
Unless you've completely lived under a rock for the past three weeks or so, you're probably at least marginally aware that the World Cup has started. While we all had high hopes for the fifth (!) ranked US team, in fact we are already bumped out of compeitition after a fairly mediocre showing.

Being an adult and all, I figured I'd just accept the loss (again) and root for one of the other teams like Brazil. Or maybe the home team Germany.

Then you have the Republican Response. That is to say the hysterical sore loser response. Apparently the issue lies entirely in the sport itself, which these guys feel is somehow primitive because you can't use your hands like a good simian.

No, I'm not joking.

But hey, at least they didn't get TOO hysterical and claim the sport is un-American or anything as is their wont.

Wait - oooops

Our country has yet to succumb to the nihilism, existentialism, and anomie that have overtaken Europe. A game about nothing, in which scoring is purely incidental, holds scant interest for Americans who still believe the world makes sense, that life has a larger meaning and structure, that being is not an end in itself, being qua being.

What a bunch of jackass poseurs. For the record, I've decided to root for England.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Almost there....
We're sloooowly getting there with the kitchen. We just need to finish the bar cabinet, finish painting and install the dishwasher. One last push this long holiday weekend and one major source of stress will be removed.

Wherever will I get my anger inspiration going forward?

Friday, June 23, 2006

Player Haters

What is our Congress up to now you ask? They're trying to resolve a viable exit strategy that will benefit the Iraqi people the most and get our troops home as safely as possible. They're also working on increasing the standard of living for all Americans by focusing on intelligent programs that will increase job growth and purchasing power of our vital middle class.

On the side, many are addressing the inequalities that still exist for minorities in this country.

NAH just kidding, they're pandering to hysterical parents by bashing video games again. Man, that one's only slightly less predictable than gay marriage for these ass clowns.

At least Jon Stewart's got our back. By the way - I am TOTALLY a CMB

Thursday, June 22, 2006

I've gone....INSANE

There’s no other explanation for it. Clearly the reality I live in is so far removed from everyone else’s that the only rational explanation is that I’ve lost my sanity. Luckily, so far the realization of my insane existence is the only sign of paranoia that I’ve noticed. Why?! Have you noticed something else? Tell me what you mean!

I guess the feeling has been growing a while now. I mean every time you see the cable news you get bombarded with idiocy. But here’s the thing, the people ON the TV don’t seem to notice the idiocy. The bleach blond bimbo reading the news spouts the idiocy. The poor bastard being subjected to the idiocy responds to the questions, as if they’re not even idiotic. Maybe idiotic things like this actually MAKE SENSE to this guy. Then again, he’s always kind of seemed like an idiot himself.

Or maybe they’re not making sense because I’m….INSANE.

Well maybe that’s a bad example. I mean I don’t watch a lot of television outside of the Sci Fi channel and HBO. But then you read things. Things like this
defense of why we couldn’t take Zarqawi out in 2002 as I mentioned in an ALT post last week. Apparently this administration, the Bush administration mind you, didn’t want to take out Zarqawi because they were afraid they would be criticized for violating international law.

Because, you know, we are ALL ABOUT the international law.

Yes Daveed Gartenstein-Ross and Adam White at the Weekly Standard apparently believe that the Bush administration was actually concerned about hurting the diplomatic efforts that may have prevented war and that’s why we didn’t take out Zarqawi in the Northern Iraq NFZ when we had the chance. And here I thought the entire “diplomacy” effort was a farce to lend our illegal invasion a patina of respectability on the world stage. I distinctly remember being told that previous bombings to the Iraqi NFZ were "routine".

Clearly I believed this because I’m…..INSANE.

And oh yeah, the article goes on to state that we didn’t want to take out Zarqawi because we were afraid of civilian casualties. The fact that my head didn’t explode while reading that is further testament to my impaired mental state. I'm sure that 60,000 Iraqis are rolling in their graves though.

Reactions with day to day people in my life have only affirmed my isolation into madness. Our friend helping us out on our kitchen goes red faced ballistic when we talk to a plumber about getting our sink installed (because HE wanted to do it). My rugby team sees nothing wrong with waiting until the last possible minute to get ready for…well…EVERYTHING. My boss at work thinks its perfectly acceptable to have a CPA/MBA go through 300 word documents to spell check them (and yes he has an admin).

What do these people know that I don't? Possibly that I'm.....INSANE?

I’m going to continue to monitor the situation and self medicate. Lack of further blog posting would indicate that they’ve finally taken me away. I hope there’s no cable news wherever they take me.

Or waterboarding……

Monday, June 19, 2006

Hey check this out....

Brian Bilbray, recent winner of convicted congressman Duke Cunningham's vacated seat out in California, apparently has managed to breed a brood that fit the Young Republican mold

Underage partying? Check
Aryan good looks? Check
Mind boggling stupidity? Oh you better believe it

Friday, June 16, 2006

Was it all bullshit?

I've been thinking a lot lately about my business degrees. I have a BS in Accounting and an MBA. I got these degrees because frankly I thought they would make me money. Everything I was really interested in like music, philosophy, literature wouldn't really net me a job. Due to various family financial issues (*cough* Dad *cough* asshole!) I was pretty broke toward the end of my college career and frankly just wanted a job.

Of course in any business curriculum they teach you the ins and outs of how American style capitalism works.

Or do they?

I took all of the finance classes and read several business publications. I invest both my 401(k) and my stock portfolio with an eye towards steady sustainable growth and diversity.

I've made like $300 in 9 years.

Okay, I thought...maybe if I get an analyst from a large brokerage house to help me out that would help. Clearly investing wasn't my forte.

We've lost $300 in two years with this guy.

And then you take a look around at how businesses are being run (into the ground). General Motors mocked the Japanese car industry for introducing hybrids three years ago. They've lost like $2 billion so far this year. Great business sense guys, meanwhile you can't find a new Prius on a lot that hasn't been sold already to somebody with a 6 month waiting list.

Some jackass writes about how the world is "flat" and the next thing you know hundreds of people are getting laid off at my company and their jobs are transferred to India. Forget the productivity gap. Forget that the wage gap will be closed within a decade or less negating this investment, damnit we've read a book!

Ethics scandals, corruption, bloated CEO pay. I could go on, but hopefully you're getting my point. The business world in the US is not being run efficiently. Its currently set up to transfer as much wealth as possible to a select cadre of largely incompetant managers who care nothing about the community in which they reside or their employees.

Am I the only one that thinks our system of capitalism is in serious need of an overhaul? One thing is certain, the people in MBA programs today have no idea how little they will be prepared for what's waiting for them. We've become a nation of Daffy Ducks smashing everyone in our path to the ground with the mantra "Down! Down! Down! Mine! Mine! Mine!"

Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Memory Hole

Something bothered me about the recent triumphalism this past week about the killing of Zarqawi in Iraq. Not that he was dead mind you, the Nick Berg video in which Zarqawi participated was enough to merit him sub-human status worthy of the violent death he received.

No, it was this story from 2004 detailing how we had many chances to take out Zarqawi before the war began but chose not to. The most revealing quote?

“People were more obsessed with developing the coalition to overthrow Saddam than to execute the president’s policy of preemption against terrorists,” according to terrorism expert and former National Security Council member Roger Cressey

In other words, we were more interested in building the phony case for our bullshit war than in taking out a known terrorist who was later responsible for killing thousands.

I'm sorry, but if you still vote Republican you either can't or you won't read.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Setting a new standard for mediocre

Hat tip to Andrew Sullivan for pointing out the financial disaster that is Mary Cheney's latest book. Sales are so low that the publisher basically paid the equivalent of $170 per book sold not including marketing costs (hey it costs money to make that mess look pretty and then haul it out on late night TV).

I guess the public just isn't interested in what a lesbian who cheers on her own demise has to say. Come to think of it, I have yet to meet a so called "Log Cabin" Republican that isn't a mess. Just last night the head of the Philly LCR was a sloppy drunk mess offering to blow the entire rugby team "for free" right there at a local bar. Classy.

Clearly these people are having major self respect issues. In the case of Ms. Cheney, I would prefer she deal with these issues with a therapist rather than subject us to her justifications in book form.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What a profile in courage looks like

You want to know what real leadership looks like in the face of disgusting discrimination? Read this statement by Russ Feingold, Democratic Senator from Wisconsin:

The federal marriage amendment, which would write discrimination into the Constitution, is an obvious attempt to change the subject from topics that the Congress should be addressing to a hot button social issue intended to appeal to certain factions. On Wednesday, Senate Majority Leader Frist plans to hold a vote on this mean-spirited proposal. It has no chance of receiving the two-thirds majority required for constitutional amendments. The only thing bringing it up now will accomplish is to push Congress further away from the issues it should be addressing and engage the Senate of the United States in a shameful political ploy.

The last thing we should be doing right now is playing politics with the Constitution, or with the lives of gay and lesbian Americans, who see this proposal for what it is - discrimination, pure and simple. Gay and lesbian Americans are our friends, our family members, our neighbors, and our colleagues. They should not be used as pawns in a political exercise.

Backers of the proposal say they want to support marriage. But this debate is not about supporting marriage. Everyone agrees that good and strong marriages should be supported and celebrated. The debate in the Senate is also not about whether states should permit same sex marriage. I happen to believe that two adults who love each other and want to make a lifelong commitment to each other with all of the responsibilities that commitment entails should be able to do so. Others may disagree. But the Senate debate is about whether we should amend the Constitution of the United States to try to define marriage, and restrict, rather than expand, the rights of our citizens. The answer to that question has to be "no."

It's deeply disappointing to see the Senate consider this proposed constitutional amendment, and for such cynical reasons. But it's not enough to just shake our heads at what the Republicans are doing here. I applaud people in the online community for standing up and speaking out against this proposal. This attempt to pass this constitutional amendment isn't about values. It's an attempt to stir up prejudice and fear, but I think it's going to stir up something else - outrage at Republican leaders. The proposal itself is an outrage, and so is its consideration at the expense of so many other important issues, from health care to gasoline prices to Iraq.

A colleague of mine asked me if I was taking a lot of heat for announcing my support for the right of gays and lesbians to marry. And, frankly, the question doesn't surprise me because I suppose many of my colleagues might be wary of taking a strong stand on an issue meant to divide Americans. The Washington Post today called this "a tricky issue for Democrats" but it doesn't have to be. All Americans should stand up and say no to the federal marriage amendment, no to discrimination targeted at some of our finest citizens, and no to this narrow-minded attempt to score political points in an election year.

Thanks for the opportunity to pass on some of my thoughts on this issue. I look forward to reading your comments

A strong unequivocal statement letting the world know that this is hateful, cynical and a waste of time. Feingold is worth 100 Mary Cheneys, and he's STRAIGHT.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Here we go again

Its not as if we haven't seen it coming, but once again the right wing cabal is gearing up to demonize gays in an effort to get out the rabid right vote.

Call me a pie eyed optimist, but something tells me this cynical political move won't work this time. These incompetant jackasses have mired us down in an unwinnable war, lost an American city to natural disaster, drove our debt up to unimaginable levels, and have generally run the country into the ground.

But hey, two guys making out really pisses you off right?

Its beyond pathetic, its downright hateful. One wonders what these people would do if they actually got this passed (and there's no chance in hell they ever will). Would we be required to wear yellow stars in public? Rounded into camps? Neutered? I mean you know they wouldn't just stop hating at that point right?

Here's hoping the American people have finally seen through these nutjobs and will return the country to some semblance of sanity in November.

And oh yeah, Mary Cheney where are you now you clueless bitch?

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Now this....

When I hurt my leg last November, I figured it was because of the lousy NYC pitches. I rested up over the holidays and went to the first spring practice not thinking much about my knee. Then it got thrown out of joint.

I went to a doctor. Or I should say, a physician's assistant at my doctor's office. He recommended therapy and an x-ray. The x-ray showed that indeed I had a knee, but the four weeks of therapy seemed to help. I went to a practice in late March in good spirits.

And you know what? I made it through the practice. It was the next practice that it popped out with a sound that made me want to puke. I sought out an orthopedist and arranged to have an MRI done. A week or so later they pointed out a torn miniscus. This is easy to fix, I was told. Most athletes (and in my mind I was going "oooh he called me an athelete") are back on the field in a week.

I scheduled an appointment today with the surgeon thinking I'd get this taken care of real quick before the July 4th weekend. Well the surgeon looks at the MRI, examines my knee some more and proclaims I have a torn ACL. He pointed it out on the MRI adn it kind of looked like the attached photo. Now they believe that the torn miniscus happened after the initial ACL tear

Bottom line? I have the operation, I'm out of work for a full week. I then wear a brace and walk with a cane for a month. Then three months of physical therapy to build the knee and leg back up. No driving for a month (I work out in Horhsam for crying out loud). No rugby until Spring 2007.

On top of the kitchen rennovations and my job search, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't starting to get stressed.