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Monday, May 29, 2006

Thursday Arrival at Bingham

Thursday began with an ominous sign, all trains to New York along the northeast corridor were cancelled due to a power outage on the Amtrak line. Mass panic in the form of my cell phone ringing off the hook ensued. I made some half hearted efforts to look into parking or taking the Path, but the trains were back up by 11am and by noon we were on our way.

A quick train into NYC from Princeton and soon we were at the hotel. A quick look at the beefy men with European and Australian accents and we knew we were in the right place. After a quick lunch and a shower we headed over to the opening night party at Spirit. Yeah we had no idea where it was either.

Of course this being an NYC event, they weren't ready for us. We got there at 7:15 and waited in line for an hour before we got in. Open bar from 8-10 apparently meant all the Budweiser you care to wait in a long ass line for. There was food, which ran out after feeding about 20 of us. The people who bought VIP passes at least were treated to cookies. They still had to wait in line with everybody else, wait at the same bars and eat the same food, but they got cookies.

We were unimpressed.

Malcolm and I talked to a French player for a while. His team didn't attend the event, but two members from Paris did. Malcolm was over me when I started "spitting French" and we soon migrated to the smoking section where we remained until around 11pm when we went back to the hotel. Mooney and I weren't playing the next day so we basically continued the partying by mixing cocktails and hanging out in the lobby. Arnie, Q, Matty and Crazy had an underwear party in their room. We had a blast meeting people. Well everyone except the weird gay line dancers who were also having some sort of event at the hotel.

All and all a very enjoyable first day.

Most fun event: Seeing all the gay ruggers take over a NYC hotel

Least fun event: The opening party (ironically)

Best quote: "Casey pheremones y'all...spread em around!"


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