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Monday, May 29, 2006

Saturday May 27, Day 2 of Bingham competition

We got to sleep in today. Well, until 8am anyway. Once again we cabbed it to the pitch, though now we were starting to look at how much cash was flying out of our pockets.

Again, Welcome to New York.

Our first game was against Portland. It was clear the minute the Gryphons stepped onto the field that 48 hours as a team in a strange city was having a bonding effect. Everyone played together, which is important in all team sports but seems to be particularly important in rugby (which is why its the best team sport ever).

The forwards won most of the scrums and lineouts. The backs started to settle down their passes and increase their speed. In short, those guys looked amazing out there.

The score going into the first half was 15-0 in our favor. 3 tries in 20 minutes. Nicely done guys.

The second half was a little more even sided. The day was much hotter than Friday and fatigue was definitely settling in. Each team ended up scoring a try for a final score of 20-5 (that's my recollection and I'm sticking to it). With a record of 2-1 our second match of the day was set for 4pm against the Chicago Dragons.

We had a ball goofing around in the tent all afternoon waiting for our match. The pitch directly in front of our tent was in use for the first time that day and we got to watch Manchester take a heart-breaking double overtime loss against Gotham. It was the first time I saw ruggers actually crying, but it wouldn't be the last time during the weekend.

The back of the tent turned into an impromptu massage parlor. The Nop/Ray massage session was particularly long. Anything to help out international relations in these troubled times. Everyone was silly and giggling. Those that weren't passed out anyway (though we had fun with them too as the attached picture will show).

When the game arrived at 4pm everyone was in good spirits. Once again the Gryphons rose to the occassion and won. The final score was 5-0 and was hard fought. The poor quality of the refereeing throughout the entire weekend was evident unfortunately. Several potential tries for our side were called back. One that was particularly egregious was a backwards pass to Malcolm who was wide open and eyeing the try zone. The ref called it back as a forward pass. I'm still surprised Coach John didn't spontaneously combust at that moment. Special shout out to Phil for his first try and dangling zulu.

With our day 2 record of 3-1 everyone was on that special sports high rugby gives you. Space inside cars was limited so Malcolm agreed to lead a small group of us on the bus back to Manhattan. Then we saw the line. About 500 ruggers deep. We walked across the street to see what was there and found another bus stop with about 20 people waiting at it. We caught the bus there and then watched it loop around and not pick up one damn rugger. We laughed at the time, but in retrospect it was indicative of poor planning. I mean a simple sign would have directed people to the right stop.

Again, Welcome to New York.

We got back to the hotel and showered/changed for dinner at Dallas BBQ in Chelsea. Got there around 8pm and were led downstairs to where large parties were kept. 20 Gryphons at a corner table and a bunch of barbecue loving New Yorkers. I ordered a ridiculously large margarita and got ready for the evening. A group of 8 black ladies came in and sat next to us. As the tequila started kicking in the two tables engaged in massive call outs to each other. After the meal we brought Coach a birthday cake. His birthday is in January of course, but he's done a lot of work for the team. The look on his face as they brought it out was priceless.

We went to the party the Renegades were throwing a few blocks away afterwards. I was pretty beat so I just headed back to the hotel after a drink with Casey. We saw Matt and Q outside talking to a Kings Cross player and hung out for a bit. Shortly afterwards Mooney came with his friend who lives in town. We went up to the room to mix a cocktail. Unfortunately Edwin and Casey had already gone to bed. When we started playing comedy skits off of Mooney's iPod and laughing our asses off the roommates starting to become annoyed.

We took the hint, went downstairs to finish our drinks and then went to bed.

Most fun event: Dinner at Dallas BBQ

Least fun event: Getting off Randall's Island

Best quote: "Okay she's not a whore, she's just a slut"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow... you are a bitter little cunt, aren't you? like you guys could have provided for better in Philthadlphia? You were too pussy to even play for the Cup after how many years? You forgot to blog about that, didn't you?

2:19 AM  
Blogger Angry Little Tank said...

1. "wow you are a bitter little cunt aren't you" Yeah dumbass the blog is called "Angry Little Tank"

2. "Like you guys could have provided for better in Philadelphia" Without a DOUBT. Here are a few helpful tips when you're inviting guests in from out of town:

1. Make sure everyone knows how to get back to the hotel. Did you know/care about hundreds of ruggers left stranded daily because bus routes were unclear and unmarked? No you obviously did not since this is what we saw daily

2. When you have a tired queen announcing at the opening party that you need volunteers to help clear the rocks and glass from the pitch, you pretty much set yourselves up to be the laughing stock of IGRAB for the weekend. Trust me, Philly wasn't the only one talking about it.

3. If you're going to offer a VIP package, how about actually offering something that goes with it? Hey, here's an idea! Let the VIP's go to the front of the line! Brilliant right! COOKIES. That's all you idiots provided those that paid extra. COOKIES.

I could go on, but hey many many teams I spoke to planned on writing angry letters. Take a look at those and come up with your own ideas.

As far as being too "pussy" to play in the Cup, sweetie you guys may have showed up for the Cup but from what I saw you sure as hell didn't play. Wading into a situation where you're in over your head was obviously the theme for the weekend with NYC, but we play it a little smarter down here in Philly.

Thanks for making the USA proud!

7:21 AM  
Anonymous Mooney said...

If you're going to call us pussies, then have the balls to post your name. Pussy.

11:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll keep Anonymous myself. But NYC did a SHITTY job, and if anything this guy just realizes this himself and he is just projecting his anger onto someone else...

1 - How many days did we go with NO vendors at the pitch?

2 - No viable transportation to and from the pitch? Even some type of transportation at a discount...

3 - The opening party should have been at a location where we could all mingle and get to know one another without booming dance music. How about a sitdown dinner. HOW much did each person pay? And SOOO many guys didn't even get to eat at all.

4 - The location of the closing party was great. But what the fuck was up with the cold apps. Again... For the amount of money that we paid... They could have very easily provided us with a hot meal of some sort...

5 - The hotel was a mess. And I think its more on the POOR planning of NYC. The elevators were so crammed. They could have very easily got a side room for the Ruggers to hang out.

6 - VIP was a TOTAL joke. Paying money to look down on everyone else... I feel bad for the guys who paid 65 bucks and didn't get shit out of it...

And GO PHILLY! You guys fucking rock! and i KNOW you could have done a better job!!!

3:54 PM  

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