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Monday, May 29, 2006

Friday May 26 - Day 1 of Bingham competition

The day began at 7am with only a slight hangover. We didn't really know how to navigate public transportation to the pitch yet so we just called a cab. It was $20 but quick and convenient. We got to the field around 9am and found our assigned tent. Much to our delight we found ourselves sharing an area with the Amsterdam team "Nop". We were sure this was an acronym for something, but found out later that "nop" is Dutch for the knob on cleats. Now you know.

Our first game was at 11am so the team spent some time getting adjusted to the surroundings and then getting warmed up. The first game was against Dallas. Unbenownst to me, who had joined the team in 2005, there was some sort of rivalry from the LAST Bingham Cup held in London 2004. Apparently the Gryphons won their division that year by beating the Dallas team. I thought it was kind of silly to hold a grudge, but it was an added layer of drama to the opening game and you KNOW the girls love the drama.

The Gryphons were unfortunately a little rusty and lost to Dallas by about 15 points (the exact final score eludes me at the moment). Though we had great turnout for the event, attendance at practice has been sparse this past season. It showed in this match in that the team didn't look much like a, well, team.

Not that we were EVEN going to dwell on it as we had a match with Ireland scheduled for 3pm. We wandered back to the tent and had Subway sandwiches. With the whole afternoon to kill and tired as hell, we basically just got into the eye candy parading around the tent. We also had fun cheering on our Nop neighbors. Hell at one point we were cheering on everybody who walked by our tent. As Malcolm put it "we are SO going to get the spirit stick!".

We found out shortly before the match against Ireland that one of their players had broken his femur earlier that day. The Europeans in general were unimpressed with the quality of the pitches we were playing on that day. In Europe rugby is taken very seriously. Playing on rock hard pitches with rocks and glass as we were would never happen.

Welcome to New York

On the positive side, the Gryphons came together during the Ireland match and started to look really good. We won by about 20 points, lifting our spirits a bit from the earlier day's loss.

I caught a ride back to the hotel with Brian and Will who had come up that morning. We had about a half hour to relax before we met the team down in Chelsea at Gym for drinks. We hung out there for a bit and then went to a party the LA team was throwing at the Eagle. There was food and everyone seemed really nice. More importantly, the drinks were reasonably priced. We headed back to the hotel around 11pm to engage in another round of riding the elevators back and forth from the room to the lobby with Mooney. This night we met some guys from the Cardiff team who were quite fun. Apparently a lot of guys on their team were hurt as well, but that wasn't stopping them from having a blast.

We turned in after a bit to get ready for day 2 and our match against Portland.

Most fun event: Watching the Gryphons begin to gel as a team and beat Ireland

Least fun event: Learning the complicated rules that prevent one from enjoying a smoke AND a drink at the same time in NYC

Best quote: "Boo I'm top modeling!"


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